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Paralegal Services

As a paralegal, licensed and governed   by the Law Society of Ontario, I can  offer many of the same expertise and services as lawyers, at a fraction of the cost.

If you require representation in any of these areas:

Landlord and Tenant Tribunal
Horse Racing Appeal Tribunal
License Appeal Tribunal
Provincial Offence matters
Highway Traffic or Parking Offenses
Human Rights violations and Discrimination
Small Claims Actions
Simple Assault charges
And many  Highway Traffic Act violations.

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About Us

My name is November Davies and I am a licensed paralegal in the province of Ontario. As a licensed paralegal, I can provide you with a variety of legal services and we are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. 

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Our Services

For years, I have been providing legal services to those all across Ontario. I can represent you in a variety of legal fields including Landlord and Tenant services, Small Claims court services and provincial offences. As an experienced paralegal, I can work with you to advocate effectively. Legal forms can be confusing and simple mistakes can compromise your case. Below are some of the few areas of law we practice in. Contact me for a free consultation today!

Landlord and Tenant Board 

I am able to represent you in all landlord and tenant matters including eviction, unpaid rent, or any other residential tenancy issue. 

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Small Claims Court

Have a legal dispute or have been you been sued in Small Claims Court,  contact me for fast and speedy service. 

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Provincial Offences

I can defend you in a variety of Provincial Offences and will do my best for you to acheive the most favorable judgement .

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