Harness Racing

Before you go to the Tribunal, contact a legal representative with experience in horse racing. I can help you.

I have been involved in harness racing my entire life and in all aspects of racing from groom to working at Standardbred Canada, when it was the CTA.

I am now a fully licensed paralegal.  Paralegals in Ontario can offer the same expertise as a lawyer, at a fraction of the cost.

With all of the changes in the commissioning and the new provincial Acts governing horse racing, a paralegal may be able to offer even better representation at the AGCO Tribunal.  I have researched the new tribunal and governing legislation surrounding horse racing in Ontario. 

In doing so, it became obvious that legal representation for horse people is in short supply, especially legal representatives with a knowledge of horse racing.

I have the skills, education and experience to fill this void.

Consider engaging me as your legal representative, should the time come that you need representation in front of the AGCO Tribunal.